Social distancing + weddings = awkward


These words just doesn’t go together! What is a wedding without hugs and kisses?

Weddings today look awfully different to the weddings we all know and love. Gone are the days (for now) when weddings present a time to freely hug and kiss your closest circles, celebrate and catch up face-to-face. No more love fests for the foreseeable future 🙁 So for now, we need to get acquired with greeting from afar.

It’s a sad realisation for many, especially for couples due to get married in late March onwards… as well as those in the wedding industry. As of 24th March 2020, weddings can only go ahead with five people involved (absolute max, not if’s or but’s. Not even kids, they are people too). Just the couple, two witnesses and of course, the celebrant. This is such a big deal! As an alternative, we’ve had to resort to using video apps so that others can join in and feel like they are part of it. Not ideal but it’ll do for couples who soldier on during ‘shutdown’. Meanwhile the other 95% of couples have now postponed until late 2020 or even 2021. Keeping their vision alive so they can celebrate as originally planned.

We live in hope that this nasty virus goes away soon! But really, we cannot hold our breath. Instead we must adapt and carry on. And we’re all doing amazingly at it. We’re now more present, getting becoming master home bodies, spending more time with our families / flatmates, and we’re all hooked on Zoom or House Party.

Anyway I diverge…Now if you do happen to be going ahead with your wedding in this crazy time of our lives; or are invited to be a witness, here’s a few things to consider upon arrival.

Spatial awareness

The rule is slightly different for an indoor space to an outdoor space.
Indoor you must be 4 square metres between yourself from others (2 metres by 2 metres).
Outdoor you must be 1.5 metres between yourself from others.
It does seem strange at first, we are so accustomed to physical greetings and talking closely, within an arm’s length. Being conscious about distancing and knowing where is safe to stand is best for everyone and within no time you’ll be use to it.

How to greet from afar
It’s so natural for us to greet or congratulate with a huge hug and kisses. Once again, be mindful. Here’s a few alternatives to use instead:

  1. Nod and a big smile
  2. Good old curtsy and bow
  3. Namaste hands to your heart (my favourite)
  4. Air hugs and kisses
  5. Verbalise verbalise verbalise
  6. Make cute handwritten, typed or visual signs to hold up during the ceremony
  7. Emojis and messages via phone

Onwards and upwards I say, we will get through it! And when we do, weddings will boom. They will be celebrations with an even bigger bang. Cannot wait!

Big virtual hugs!



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