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Whether big or small, planning a wedding ceremony is no mean feat. It requires dedicating and investing quite a reasonable amount of time and having an eye for detail to get things right. Don’t fret! This is why we are here to ensure every detail of your wedding ceremony is taken care of at the right time.

We have researched, talked to wedding planning experts, and curated great tips and insights on what it takes to put together a successful ceremony.

Our Tips and Simple Guides

We like keeping things simple but right. To make sure you get the best out of the information we have put together for you, we have segmented the topics under specific themes.

Here, you will find great tips on hiring a wedding planner and the benefits of hiring one in case you are still doubting whether you need to.

We have also explained what it takes to find the right marriage celebrant for your wedding and the best questions to ask when looking for one. Remember, this is a crucial part of your wedding ceremony. To pick the right person for the job, make sure you have read and understood the tips we have put together for you.

Picking the right wedding venue is also a crucial part of the planning process. A venue largely determines how your event eventually turns out. We have curated great tips and tricks you must always have up your sleeve when searching for a wedding venue.

A lot goes into organising a perfect wedding; our tips will help you get the job done.