What to Ask Your Marriage Celebrant

A wedding celebrant is the one who will officiate your ceremony as you exchange vows. You need to make sure that you are getting the best out of your experience. It starts by clarifying what you should expect from your potential marriage celebrant so that the decision making becomes more manageable. 

Questions for Marriage Celebrants

* Are you available on our specific wedding day? It may sound as though it should be obvious. Still, there have been instances when people made elaborate plans with a wedding celebrant only to notice that they are not available on the specific date. 

* What are your qualifications? For you to be declared married, you must have a certificate. The celebrant should have the qualification and licensing needed to sign the papers. 

* How long have you been doing this? While having a wedding celebrant who has practised for longer does not guarantee you the perfect experience, it gives you some level of peace when you know that they understand the value of your big day. They have seen it all. 

* What paperwork is needed? You need to know the kind of paperwork that will be required from you and when you should expect to receive the wedding certificate after the ceremony. This will guide you if you are missing some documents or if you need your certificate urgently. 

* Can you guide in writing vows? Some couples find the writing of vows to be the most challenging part of planning a wedding. To find celebrants who can guide through the process and nudge the pair towards the right direction always helps.