Hosting an Awesome Wedding on a Low Budget

Planning a wedding can be draining both emotionally and financially. When planning a wedding, you don’t want to spend all your savings on a one-day event. However, this does not mean that you give up on having a great wedding. You can still have a fantastic wedding and reception without having to strain your bank account. Here is how.

Have a Thin Guest List

When planning to celebrate your union on a budget, keep in mind that not everyone you know has to attend. With every person you invite, the budget stretches further and further. Therefore, it is wise to keep your circle small and only invite those who really matter and are mindful of your happiness. These people include family and closest friends.

Consider Hosting the Ceremony at Your Home

Holding your wedding in your backyard can go a long way in cutting down on the unnecessary costs of hiring an outdoor venue. The advantage of a home ceremony is that you can have an intimate wedding and the reception in one place, thus making it very cheap. However, make sure your guests have some extra fun activities such as dancing, as this will make their day even more memorable.

Go Easy on the Flowers

Roses wither within a short time, yet they are quite costly. Therefore, it is something you don’t want to spend much of your money on. If you have a friend or family that happens to have a rose bush, you can borrow some flowers and prepare them just before the ceremony. You may also consider plastic flowers. Chances are most guests will not notice the difference.

There you have it; tips on hosting an affordable but incredible wedding.