Planning the Perfect Wedding

Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding. If you want your big day to be memorable, you have to start planning enough so that you do not get disappointed. 

Planning Tips

*Have a budget: It is easier to plan a wedding if you know how much you plan to spend. Always come up with a budget of how much you plan to spend on things like the wedding dress, bands, venue, food, transportation, photography, and paying for decor. If possible, work with a professional wedding planner who will give you a list of everything you will require.

*Work with a tentative date:  Even if you have not set the exact dates, you should have some tentative dates that you feel will work best for you. For instance, are you looking for a summer wedding or do you want to wed in the winter months? 

*Have a guest list: One of the things that stress out people who are planning a wedding is knowing who to invite or leave out. Do not wait till the last minute for you to start making your list. Start as soon as you have set up your wedding date so that they have adequate time to prepare. 

*Start your search for a venue immediately: Getting the right venue plays a big role in how the wedding will be. If you wait too long, chances are that all the popular places will be booked. 

For you to avoid feeling overwhelmed as you plan the wedding, you should consider reaching out to friends and relatives and asking for help. You should also think of whether your budget will allow you to hire a professional wedding planner to save you all the stress that comes with planning your own wedding.