Secrets to an Epic Wedding Reception

A wedding is one in a lifetime event and for this reason, couples want to get it right the first time as there is no other opportunity to make amends. One thing to remember though, is that you are not alone in this- there are at least a dozen people you invited to share in your joy. Here’s how to ensure they enjoy the day as much as you do.

Secure their Comfort

Any kind of discomfort during a wedding receptionis a nightmare and will surely kill the joy. Your guests have chosen to celebrate the most important day in your life and the least thing they want is to suffer a heat stroke, be rained on or even sit on very uncomfortable seats. So, plan ahead of time to avoid such embarrassing moments.

Provide Enough Entertainment

One of the main reasons guests attend a wedding ceremony is to have fun. Do not take too long to invite them to the dance floor once you are done with your first dance. They have probably had a few drinks and are in the mood to showcase their dancing skills. Also, ensure seamless internet connectivity so that your guests play on their devices as they dance the evening away.

Make Provision for Enough Food

There is nothing worse than attending a wedding at your friend’s wedding reception only to find the food wiped out. Estimate the number of guests to guide the caterer on the amount of food to prepare. Again, a delicious meal will go a long way to excite the guests.

Keep these secrets in mind if you are planning a wedding reception that will leave your guests in awe.